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Group leader – translator – responsible for logistics during ONE RIVER trips.

Darious is a founder and organizer of the One River Project and as a host he is responsible for logistics during all expeditions. Since 2010 he has been organizing trips to Colombia, exploring local culture and rituals. He is a guide, traveller, musician, animator of events in Poland, the USA and Colombia, speaks Polish, Spanish and English and regularly translates between all three. Darius treats life as a journey, combining work with passion. A free spirit, he loves people and make friends with teachers and leaders as well as the indigenous people of Colombia and Mexico. A practitioner on the spiritual path associated with traditional medicines of the Amazon and the Andes, he has learned ancient techniques that in our reality have turned out to be proven tools for therapy and personal development.

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Agata Algierska
Therapist and group supervisor.

Agata has been working as a psychotherapist for many years and she calls this chapter “her third life”. Before she started working in this profession she graduated in Fine Arts obtaining a master degree in Illustration. In her “first life” Agata launched an exhibition of her artworks, illustrated several books and published a page for children in Pomeranian Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.

In her “second life” she worked as a journalist, writing mostly for newspapers. She hosted several radio programs and dozen TV shows.  She ended this chapter many years ago and began to organize empowering workshops for women along with year-round development groups for women. These experiences pushed Agata to deepen her knowledge in the area of ​​development, psychological help and psychotherapy.

Her “third life” was established during the training at the College of Psychotherapy in the Psychoeducation Laboratory and the training of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy. She learned from Arnold Mindell (POP) and Josette ten Have-de Labije (ISTDP). In 2018 she completed a Somatic Experience training (work with traumas), and currently she is in the course of the SOMA Embodiment training. Both of these trainings concentrate on the physical body, being in the body and returning to the feeling of an authentic Self. It is not only a container for knowledge or thoughts, but also feelings – and rooting those feelings within your true Self.

During our travels, Agata will support the group process, leading meetings after ceremonies, helping integrate insights and experiences related to ceremonial work with Medicine.

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Aleksander Kujawa
Group supervisor, guide, translator.

Alexander has lived and worked in Colombia since 2015. To him traveling is what stabilization, home, work and security means to others. He has lived in Italy, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. He used to work in non-government agencies, student organizations, at universities, schools, bars and even at a gas station. He joined OneRiver project following the path of Medicine. OneRiver is the culmination of many years of searching for his own path, or in this case- his own one river. He sees his role in the project as a messenger and a guide, but also an explorer, even if as some may say, there is nothing left to be discovered. Alexander has an extraordinary gift of listening and telling stories in spirit of Magical Realism. His open personality will be helpful in building relationships within the group, and his linguistic skills will be a great support for the expedition, especially when coming in contact with new communities. His task is to facilitate your contact with locals and people from indigenous tribes who whisper their stories of the Earth.

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“The journey does not start when we hit the road, and does not end when we reach the finish. In fact, it starts much earlier and practically never ends, because the ‘memory tape’ turns around in us, even though we have not physically moved away for a long time. After all, there is such a thing as a travel-bug and it is a kind of disease that is basically incurable.”

R. Kapuściński            

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